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Murdoch maintains hate Greta campaign

By Eve Sinton

Nothing makes Murdoch’s stable of right-wing climate deniers more angry than Greta Thunberg: a kid who dares speak truth to power.

A small selection of the week’s anti-Thunberg headlines appears at right. She’s considered a threat to capitalism, a kid-terrorising fearmonger and a stooge for socialist green activists.

Dinosaur Andrew Bolt wrote, “We cannot allow professional fearmongers to terrorise children with fake claims about the end of the world … hold them to account, starting with these 10 names.” He lists:

David Attenborough, nature filmmaker • Tim Flannery, Climate Council • Jonathan Franzen, novelist • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US congresswoman • Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General • Richard Di Natali, Greens leader • Chris Barrie, former Australian Defence Force chief • James Lovelock, Gaia theorist • Elizabeth Warren, US Democrat presidential frontrunner • Extinction Rebellion, activists.

Fossilfool.com.au applauds them!

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