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Michael West reveals coal connections within the Office of the Prime Minister

Independent journalist Michael West says the LNP’s third term has seen PM Scott Morrison “stack his office with lifelong pro-coal lobbyists who now, after so many years of banging on the door, are able to formulate policy directly.” lists:

• Brendan Pearson, Senior Advisor for International Trade and Investment, ex-CEO of the Mineral Council of Australia (MCA), and former Vice President of Government Relations for Peabody Coal.

• John Kunkel, Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, former Deputy CEO of MCA

• Yaron Finkelstein, Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary, former CEO of Crosby Textor

• Andrew Hirst, Liberal Party campaign director, Crosby Textor alumni

• Isaac Levido, Deputy Liberal Party campaign director, Crosby Textor alumni

• James McGrath, LNP Senator for Queensland, Crosby Textor alumni

• Stephanie Wawn, Senior Advisor to Morrison, former manager for CapitalHill Advisory

• Matthew Fynes-Clinton, Speech-Writer, former deputy chief of staff and editor of The Courier Mail

• Andrew Carswell, Press Secretary, formerly chief of staff at The Daily Telegraph

• Thomas Adolph, Advisor, formerly with The Australian

For more information regarding the #RevolvingDoors between the mining industry and government see the report below, which includes a video co-produced with Greenpeace Australia:

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  1. bubbley

    Why the hell isn’t Labor shouting about this?

    Oh that’s right, they are in just as deep with the coal miners.

  2. Lalla

    So true. Until they leave coal Labor is dead to me, just as Garrett warned Albanese. We’re leaving Labor behind.

  3. Joseph

    Meanwhile…the black lung cover up continues. When painted into a corner the CFMEU broke ranks with the coal cabal, (as leverage against Abbott’s RC/witch-hunt) to partly expose the 35 year cover up? Yet they & the cabal maintain that zero cases of black lung have occurred in NSW (with a similar sized industry to Qld)…is it that the CFMEU is walking a tightrope between the the truth about coal dust and the vested interests of their officials? Vested interests in both in the NSW Coal worker’s compensation scheme (in denying black lung claims) and more broadly the continuation of coal mining to the detriment of their own member’s health

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