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Journalist booed as PM promises crack-down

Scott Morrison & Ian Macfarlane. QRC Facebook page.

Fossil Fool Bulletin • 5 November 2019

Scott Morrison had an enthusiastic audience at a Queensland Resources Council nosh-up on November 1, where he promised to crack down on ‘apocalyptic’ climate protesters.

Science and technology blogger, Ketan Joshi, watched the presentation and said a journalist from the UK’s Channel 4 News asked the Prime Minister: “Given the efforts that other nations are making to reduce their carbon emissions, and given the places like the great barrier reef are, we know, under threat from climate change …”

“Halfway through her question, precisely after she mentions climate change, a single loud moaned ‘boooo’ rings out in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre,” Joshi said.

The journalist continued, asking how Australia could justify opening new coal mines in the Galilee basin.

“As she finishes, the entire room breaks out into a loud chorus of angry discontent. The same low and loud moan as before, but this time emitted from hundreds of men, who are each one over-filled glass of white wine away from hurling chunks of coal at the woman who dared mention what happens when the product they pull from the ground is burnt,” Joshi said.

“Theatrically, Prime Minister Scott Morrison (no stranger to threatening people with chunks of coal) comes to the rescue. ‘Because we have the best mining industry in the world!’, he weirdly responded.

“When Morrison delivered his very motivational-coach-at-corporate-retreat reply, the moans turn to relieved, roaring cheers, and you can’t see the audience, but I’m guessing they punched the air, high-fived each other and took hearty bites out of the coal chunks like they were fresh green apples.

“That moment was a mile marker. These men felt okay loudly shaming a journalist who mentioned climate change. It wasn’t a private event. It was live-streamed nationally. It was a marker of power and confidence,” Joshi said.

No wonder Fossil Fool didn’t get an invite!

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