Fossil Fool marks second anniversary

Fossil Fool Bulletin has been in publication for two years since its launch on November 20, 2017.

Eve Sinton, Editor, Fossil Fool Bulletin

FFB 1.1 led with a story on the United Nations’ Australian Tribunal into the human rights impacts of unconventional gas. The issue filled only five pages.

A year later, FFB 2.1 comprised 18 pages and featured the massive emissions revealed by postcode in the Queensland gasfields.

Leigh Creek Energy’s problems in lighting up their underground coal gasification project in South Australia also featured in the edition.

The Fossil Fool now has hundreds of subscribers and a website!

When publication commenced it seemed likely that the Adani saga, which has had its own section in every edition, would result in the project falling over. But the power of the fossil lobby has seen bulldozers sent to the mine site. Its rightful Aboriginal owners have been banished and persecuted in a repeat of the colonial history of the last 200 years.

Australia has gone backwards on climate change with the election of coal-fondler-in-chief, Scott Morrison, as Prime Minister.

Even as the country burns – and Fossil Fool had to evacuate its bushland HQ as fire approached – the Coalition and its fossil fuel sponsors plan ever-larger coal and gasfields.

As this edition comes together, an uncontrolled 6,200-hectare bushfire still lurks over the hill and will burn for months unless significant rainfall occurs.

Meanwhile, the government rages at people wanting to discuss climate change, which fuels the fire disaster sweeping the country.

Fossil Fool Bulletin has a continuing role in bearing witness to the big picture of fossil fuels, corporate power over governments, and fossil lobbyists interfering with the democratic process.

At least FFB HQ hasn’t burned down – yet.

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