Fossil Fool Bulletin launches website

Developed by Johanna Evans of Green Pigeon Graphics, the site contains every edition of FFB – which has been in publication since November 2017.

FFB issues are presented in a very readable flip-book style.

The features section presents major stories from FFB in a classic web format that will show up in searches.

There are handy connections to environmental organisations and a selection of podcasts for convenient listening.

Fossil Fool Bulletin is edited by Eve Sinton, a journalist with over 35 years of media experience and a passion for protecting the environment from damaging fossil fuel mining.

She found a kindred spirit to construct the website – Johanna Evans of Green Pigeon Graphics – who has been closely associated with the Knitting Nannas and the Bentley Blockade, which ousted coal seam gas development from the Northern Rivers.

“It’s been great working with Jo, as she has excellent web skills and understands where I’m coming from,” Eve said.

Eve has worked for a number of Northern Rivers publications since moving to the region 27 years ago, including the Byron Echo, Northern Rivers Echo, Northern Star and Permaculture International Journal.

After joining the Knitting Nannas Against Gas in 2014, Eve appreciated the need for people opposed to coal, oil and gas projects in Australia to be well-informed.

She came up with the idea of a weekly newsletter summarising events and presenting information not seen in the mainstream media.

She is careful to use only authoritative sources – no fake news or internet myths to be seen here.

Eve’s years of experience in media and graphic art enabled her to come up with an impeccably researched and attractively presented publication that is emailed to subscribers every week.

Researching and compiling FFB is a full-time un-waged job. To date, 86 editions of up to 18 pages have been emailed on schedule. Readers include environmental activists, journalists and politicians.

Eve makes a monthly appearance on radio Bay FM Community Newsroom with Mia Armitage, where stories from FFB are discussed.

Subscriptions to FFB are free. However, Eve invites donations to Focus Publications, to help cover costs such as news subscriptions and computer equipment.

She hopes the venture can expand with more newsletters on other topics, and involve more journalists in this new type of publishing.

Donation details are listed on the website, and on page 7.

It’s easy to subscribe to FFB, with a click-through to the subscription page which continues to be hosted on the Knitting Nannas’ website, knitting-nannas.org

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