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Australia’s Pacific fall-out

By Eve Sinton

Australia’s performance on climate crisis at the Pacific Islands Forum was a disgraceful exhibition of denialism and intransigence.
The Morrison government sent confirmed climate denier Alex Hawke to start the dirty work, bullying Pacific Islanders who face an existential threat from rising sea levels. He told them Australia would not stop using coal-fired energy or opening new coal mines. It was a ‘red line issue’. And there was to be no acknowledgement of ‘climate crisis’ in the forum’s Tuvalu Declaration.
Scott Morrison flew in, walked past protesting children, and completed the dismal picture during a discussion so distressing that Tonga’s Prime Minister shed tears.
Then we had shock jock Alan Jones’ misogynist rant about New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who advocated for meaningful climate action at the forum.
Jones screamed that Ardern was a joke, an absolute and utter lightweight, a swallower of the climate change hoax. And then he called for PM Scott Morrison to “shove a sock down her throat”.
It could not be more obvious that Australia’s government, including both major parties, rules on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. The level of bullying, vitriol and violent threats amounts to outright thuggery. Utterly shameful.
The Courier-Mail added to the mood with a vicious attack on Extinction Rebellion activists and called for more repressive legislation and penalties to protect the fossil industry.
Adani enjoyed some head-kicking, by bankrupting Wangan & Jagalingou traditional owner, Adrian Burragubba, in an act of revenge for his opposition to their Carmichael Mine.
People standing up to coal can expect escalating abuse, persecution and violence.
Fossil fools run the country, and they are rushing to destroy the place with coal mines and gaswells wherever they can shove them.

• Eve Sinton is the editor of Fossil Fool Bulletin, fossilfool.com.au

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